Working in PR brings new challenges each day, and is a fantastic career choice for naturally confident and outgoing individuals with excellent communication skills.

Career in Public Relations

career in public relations typically begins with entry-level positions such as account coordinator or assistant. In these roles, individuals assist senior PR professionals with tasks such as media monitoring, event planning, and creating content for social media and press releases. As individuals gain experience and demonstrate their skills, they can move up to account executive or manager roles. These positions involve more responsibility, and may include tasks such as developing and implementing PR strategies, managing relationships with clients and media contacts, and leading teams of junior PR professionals. 

The full list of careers in public relations settings includes such job titles as Account Executive, Account Supervisor, PR Manager or Director, Head of PR, Chief Communications Officer (CCO), Media Relations Coordinator, Social Media Coordinator, Internal Communications Manager, Public Affairs Coordinator, Brand Manager and many more besides. A public relations career path can also pave the way for a great many self-employed PR careers, such as launching your own agency or consultancy from scratch. Typical salaries in public relations vary from £20,000 to more than £50,000, in accordance with seniority and experience.

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