Careers in accounting and finance are ideal for born problem solvers with advanced analytical capabilities, who also have natural numeracy skills. 

Careers in Accounting and Finance

Almost any accountancy and finance career path can pave the way for a broad range of long-term employment opportunities, including the option of setting up solo as a self-employed accountancy professional.  Whether pursuing a conventional financial analyst career path or determined to go into business as your own boss, our free accountancy and finance courses come highly recommended.

The work of accountants and finance professionals differs from one role to the next, but in all instances focuses on the financial stability and profitability of those they support.  When pursuing an accounting career path, you will benefit from a broad range of highly transferable skills and talents, enabling you to work in almost any industry and in any location worldwide.  Along with lifelong job security and a diverse range of employment opportunities to explore, accountancy and finance also offers competitive rates of pay, and limitless scope for advancement.

Ideal for newcomers to accountancy and experienced learners from all backgrounds, our full collection of free accounting and finance courses is now open for enrolment.

Accounting Associate
Billing Specialist
Cost Accountant
Credit Analyst
Credit Manager
Financial Accountant
Financial Advisor

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