Health Safety and Environment Courses

Interested in a career as a health and safety officer?  Looking to contribute to a more safety-focused workplace the benefit of your employees? At eLearning College, our full portfolio of free online health and safety courses is now open for enrolment. Our exclusive occupational health and safety short courses are suitable for newcomers and experienced learners from all backgrounds.  No prior knowledge or experience is necessary to take part in any of our health and safety courses, which can be taken free of charge from any location worldwide.  Sign up for any of our endorsed health and safety officer courses and all study aids and learning resources are included as standard.

Health and safety in the workplace is the shared responsibility of each and every employee within a business. Our self-paced health and safety environment courses are designed to familiarise workers, managers and business owners with their duties and obligations to the wider workforce.  Periodic refresher training is essential to ensure that every member of workforce understands the importance of the role they play in supporting a safe working culture. At eLearning College, our free online health and safety courses can help you and your employees keep your H&S education and training up to date.  Enrol online and get started today, or contact a member of the team at eLearning College anytime to learn more.

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