Digital marketing scope is practically limitless, and has radically transformed the way businesses worldwide approach marketing and advertising.

Digital Marketing Career Path 

Career opportunities in digital marketing are wide open for ambitious and technically minded individuals, looking to benefit from high earnings potential and lifelong job security.  Digital marketer job scope varies significantly from one role to the next, but centres on the promotion of products or services through digital channels such as social media, email, and websites. This can involve creating and managing campaigns, analysing data to determine the effectiveness of marketing efforts, and collaborating with teams to develop and implement marketing strategies.  Digital marketing is a good career path to explore for anyone with drive and ambition, but comes particularly highly recommended to business owners and individuals with a background in conventional marketing.

A digital marketing career path can pave the way for a high-profile a position with an established employer, or a broad range of self-employment opportunities.  Typical tasks involved in digital marketing jobs include developing and managing online campaigns, creating and optimising website content, analysing data to track marketing campaign effectiveness, creating and managing social media accounts, optimising websites for SEO, and more.  A skilled digital marketer can expect to earn anything from £20,000 to more than £50,000, with limitless earnings potential for agency owners and senior managers.

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