A career in travel and tourism can pave the way for an enviable lifestyle, spent meeting interesting people from all backgrounds and exploring the world. 

Career in Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism career opportunities are surprisingly broad and diverse, spanning everything from customer service to transportation and logistics to hospitality management.  Hospitality and tourism careers are intrinsically linked, opening the door to a huge range of potential job opportunities to explore. A tourism career path could take you literally anywhere in the world, and could be just the thing to put your skills and talents to the best possible use. The travel and tourism sector is relentlessly committed to promoting from within, enabling ambitious workers to climb the leadership ladder in no time.

Potential earnings for jobs in the travel and tourism industry vary widely, depending on factors such as the specific job, location, and level of experience and education.  A travel agent or consultant may earn around £20,000 per year, tour guides can earn £25,000 or more, hotel managers as much as £50,000, tour operators and travel agent managers in the region of £35,000, and senior travel coordinators anything from £30,000 up.  Coupled with a world of incredible benefits and the certainty of long-term job security, a career in travel and tourism offers more than most comparable professions.

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