Wondering where a customer service career path could take you long-term?  The answer could surprise you, as customer service careers are far more diverse and dynamic than most realise. 


Customer Services Career

Careers in customer service involve assisting customers with their inquiries, complaints, or issues related to a company's products or services. Customer service professionals are often the first point of contact for customers, and therefore carry the reputation of the entire organisation on their shoulders.  Along with being responsible for providing assistance and support in a timely and effective manner, customer service managers play a key role in maintaining positive PR and customer relations for the businesses they work for.

There are various different customer support career paths to explore, which in all instances come with different responsibilities.  Customer service reps deal directly with customers on the frontline, customer support managers usually focus on cases of a more advanced/serious nature, while customer account managers take responsibility for building and managing relationships with important customers or accounts.  Across the board, jobs in customer service management can pay anything from £20,000 to more than £50,000, in accordance with experience and seniority.  If you consider yourself a people person with plenty of confidence and a natural desire to please others, a career in customer service comes highly recommended.

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