Considering an event planning career but unsure where to start?  Wondering where an event management career path could take you over the next five or 10 years? 

Event Planner Career Path

Pursuing an event planner career path could pave the way for a huge range of potential job opportunities at home and abroad. An event organiser’s job involves planning and coordinating a wide variety of events, including meetings, conferences, trade shows, and social events.  Responsibilities vary between the different event manager positions, but collectively involve overseeing all aspects of an event, from planning and budgeting to logistics and execution.

Event management career opportunities span a broad range of different specialisms - festival planning, trade show planning, meeting planning, and many more besides.  Those who succeed in the field of event management will have the option of pursuing employment with an established agency, or going into business for themselves as self-employed event management consultants.  If you consider yourself to have strong communication skills, excellent organisational capabilities, and the ability to think on your feet in high pressure situations, an event coordinator career path could be ideal for you.  Salaries vary from £20,000 to more than £50,000, in accordance with experience and seniority. 

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