What eLearning Can Do for You and Your Career

What eLearning

Wondering what eLearning could do for your long-term career prospects? Still unsure whether eLearning is the right choice for you?

If so, you’re in good company.

As recently as a decade ago, you could go to university, pick up a degree, and walk into a pretty decent job. These days, things are not nearly as straightforward.

Of course, a degree-level education is still beneficial – if not mandatory in many industries.  Research suggests that around 60% of employers expect candidates to have a degree-level education or higher, in order to apply for their more advanced roles.

But even if you have a robust educational background on your CV, you’re by no means guaranteed success in today’s competitive job market.  Far from it, as to get ahead right now, you need to demonstrate complete commitment to continuous professional development.

This is where eLearning is making issued a huge difference in the lives of ambitious jobseekers and established professionals worldwide.  Incredibly, research suggests that on-campus students now make up just 14% of those enrolled in college and university courses.

The flexibility, accessibility, and affordability of eLearning are of universal appeal. But what exactly can you expect to get out of an online course, if you decide to enrol and take part?

What eLearning Does for Your CV

Irrespective of your current position or professional background, eLearning can add major weight to your CV. It’s worth bearing in mind that today’s employer looks far beyond ‘formal’ qualifications and educational achievements.  In fact, traditional qualifications are increasingly taking a back seat to other accolades, achievements, and activities.

When you take part in online learning activities, you do so willingly. You demonstrate to employers that you are committed to your ongoing betterment, and that you are willing to put in the time and effort needed to leverage your full potential.  All of which could give you a major edge over rival candidates – both in terms of job openings and promotion prospects.

Hence, eLearning can add the kind of appeal to your CV that goes far beyond formal qualifications alone.

What eLearning Does for Your Career Prospects

As a result of the above, eLearning can radically broaden your career prospects for life.  Of course, it’s not as simple as completing a single online course and expecting the world to fall at your feet. The key to continuous professional development lies in the ‘continuous’ part – an ongoing process of enhancing your knowledge, your skills, and your capabilities.

For entry-level workers looking to climb the leadership ladder, eLearning can be the ultimate catalyst.  It demonstrates to your employer that you are serious about furthering your career, and are willing to put in the hard work to make it happen.  Importantly, it indicates a proactive (rather than passive) approach to your progression, which is guaranteed to give you a competitive edge.

Likewise, anyone looking to catch the eye of a prospective employer with an impressive CV could find eLearning invaluable. The more evidence you present of self-managed, self-motivated educational activities and training programmes, the better.

What eLearning Can Do for Professionals

Contrary to popular belief, the benefits of eLearning are by no means confined to jobseekers and promotion-chasers.  Successful entrepreneurs, business owners, skilled workers, and professionals at the top of their game could also benefit from eLearning in a number of ways.

Here’s what eLearning can do for pretty much anyone looking to take their capabilities and career potential to the next level:

  1. eLearning Makes Upskilling Easier – Upgrading your skills (aka upskilling) and broadening your knowledge of any given subject is so much easier with eLearning.  Distance learning negates the need to commit to fixed study schedules, or to attend in-person classes/workshops at remote locations. Less time wasted on the logistics, more time to spend upskilling and improving.
  2. No Need to Quit Work – The flexibility of eLearning enables even the busiest professionals to continue working as they study. There are no fixed study schedules, no deadlines, and no time restrictions imposed on thousands of online courses. You can study when and where you have time to do so, and still take home an endorsed award upon completion.
  3. eLearning Promotes Innovation – Online courses provide professionals with a quick and easy way to keep up to date with the latest trends and developments in their profession.  It also promotes creativity and innovation, preventing the kind of stagnation that often companies the end of a person’s formal education and mandatory training.
  4. It Paves the Way for Bigger Things – eLearning can also be great for ambitious professionals looking to take their careers in new directions. If you’ve always dreamed of starting and running your own business, there’s a course you can take to show you how. If you’re determined to climb the leadership ladder to executive status, you can learn how to do just that in your spare time.

Hence, to assume that eLearning only benefits those at a fairly early stage of their career is to miss the mark entirely.  Irrespective of what you do and the level you do it at, eLearning could indeed pave the way for bigger and better things.

What eLearning Students Can Expect

As for what today’s distance learning landscape looks like, every online college adopts a slightly different approach.  Even so, the basic education delivery model with most eLearning providers is fairly similar.

Enrolment involves the provision of a few basic details, along with the payment required to take part in the course.  This could be anything from nothing at all to thousands of pounds, depending on your chosen course and provider.

At eLearning College, all of our courses are available 100% free of charge, and can be taken from anywhere in the world.

After enrolling, learners are sent their unique login credentials, which provide access to the provider’s digital learning platform.  This is the central ‘hub’ via which all learning materials and study aids can be accessed, and where assignments are submitted upon completion.

All essential tools and resources are included, meaning no further purchases are necessary to take part in an online course. There are also no fixed study schedules or deadlines, allowing candidates to complete their courses in their own time and at their preferred pace.

Assessments are taken at the end of each unit/module, which must be passed to progress to the next unit.  Upon completion of the final course unit, the learner is able to claim a certificate or diploma (depending on the type of course taken) from the provider. This award may be offered free of charge (in the case of paid courses), or for a small fee (when taking free online courses).

Where Can I Find Out More?

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