Project Management (Short Course)

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Project Management (Short Course)

Project Management plays a key role at the heart of every business of every size. Every effort to improve, enhance or simply change the way a business runs can be considered a Project. New products, new services, expansion, new customer care strategies – all the kinds of things that can work in favour of a business. That is, just as long as the Project’s result is as intended. Project Management is connected with the final result just as strongly as the viability of the project idea itself. In the wrong hands, even the simplest of projects can produce disastrous results. At the other end of the scale, superior Project Management can take what appears to be an impossible goal and turn it into a reality.

This exclusive tutorial has been designed for anyone looking to explore the core basics of Project Management. Study the definitions and origins of Project Management, along with the important roles Projects play at the heart of the modern business. Learn about project constraints, useful tools and techniques for Project Management, the basics of budgeting and the importance of honed communication skills. Become a better problem-solver, study a breakdown of the project life cycle, learn how to build effective teams and explore the important underlying principles of Project Management.

Learning Outcomes


  • Explain what Project Management is?
  • Identify the skills needed for a project manager in order to manage projects effectively


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Course Info
Course Level 1
Study Method Online
Course Duration 1 Month(s)
Entry Requirements

Open to all

Start Date Ongoing
Student Feedback


Course Rating


  • What is A Project?
  • What Is Project Management?
  • Project Constraints
  • Tools and Techniques
  • The Project Manager
  • Communication Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Budgeting Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Negotiation and Influencing
  • Team Building and Human Resources
  • The Project Life Cycle
  • Project planning and organization
  • Understanding the Project Life Cycle
  • Importance of Project Management Skills
  • The Underlying Principles of Project Management

Student Feedback


Abdullah Alawad

4 months ago

good explaning for the subject, love it .


Busi Sesi Josephinah

7 months ago

So interesting course ever


Ina Dolgodusa

8 months ago

Good understand of Project management. Short and clear explanation.


Oscar Nzila Mwanamosi

1 year ago

The course has clear understanding and Relevant information


Himanshu Nigam

1 year ago

Amazing Course, with the help of this course you can easily understand project management skills.



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